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deep to DEEP | a 31 day challenge

I'm so excited to join the Write 31 Days challenge this year!
Another She Speaks 2016 attender--who has QUICKLY become a friend--told me about it. I need something to propel me forward with my book idea, and this 31-day challenge fit the bill.

The challenge is not JUST writing for 31 days...the challenge is writing about the SAME TOPIC for 31 days. So, without further suspense, my topic:

This subject is near and dear to me. 
Childhood trauma is real, and yet is not always recognized. Without guidance, childhood trauma easily takes root and affects not only childhood but also adulthood.

For the next 31 days, I plan to share my heart, share my resources, and share my hope. 

It's time for the deep to meet the DEEP!

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