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deep to DEEP: Quotable

We've hit some heavy stuff this week! But we're moving forward, step by step, and we're doing it with excellence!

At times during the course of this series, I want to share some empowering quotes, resources and other goodies that have played a role in my own recovery. 

Today, the deep to DEEP quotable is from someone I look up to. It is one of my dreams to someday meet this woman, who has unknowingly made a huge impact on my life. Amazingly, I had never heard of her until a friend of mine sent me a link to one of her teachings last spring, saying I "had to" watch! So I did. And wow. What a timely message for me as I prepared to share my testimony! 

Christine Caine.

Her testimony alone is huge. She has walked through the ruins of childhood trauma and come out in the victory of Christ. And paired with her teaching? Unstoppable.

"They won the victory over him because of the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. "
(Revelation 12:11) 

I'm thankful for her ministry and her encouragement to live in the freedom Christ died for. To live a promised-land faith.

Take some time this weekend to ponder and pray over her words: A lot of times we don’t want to embrace the pain of recovery because sometimes the pain of recovery is worse than the actual injury.

 Yes. It is. I think that's why the thought of tackling childhood trauma is so intimidating!

But it is worth letting God heal it! Letting God heal is far better than living a maimed life. 

On Monday we will head back to the Armor of God. But for now, I highly recommend listening/watching/reading some of Christine Caine's stuff! (I'm not paid for sharing this! I want to share, as it has been so encouraging on my own journey.)

Video - Passion 2016 "Endurance" 
Website - Christine Caine

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