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Yesterday we talked about the enemy.

The enemy who is out to steal, kill and destroy God's beloved.

Satan wants to be God...God created humans IN HIS IMAGE...so to me, it makes sense why the assault. (Sidenote - I'm so thankful to have read "Fashioned to Reign" by Kris Vallotton*, where he addresses this exact enemy-hatred plus much more.)

And no one, not even Jesus, escapes this hatred. Remember...steal, kill, destroy. Devour. Wolf in sheep's clothing.

He's NOT out for your good, beloved child of God!

For any child of God--including those with adverse childhood experiences--take heart! Jesus has already defeated death...that can't be taken from you! And for the rest of this life, the Bible instructs us on how to fight the enemy.

One of the prime battle scriptures that I draw on frequently is in Ephesians 6.

As I was studying this particular scripture last spring, I was struck over and over by a few words: full, all, every, whole.

Of course, each translation says it just a little different, but all are clear on this huge point. We are to put on the full armor, the whole armor, all the armor, every piece of armor. Just like we're never fully dressed without a smile, we aren't fully covered unless EACH PIECE is on!

"Therefore, put on EVERY piece of God's armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm."

Guys, it doesn't say if a battle comes...it says AFTER the battle. It's here. So let's be prepared.

Before we go any further into healing from childhood trauma, we have to be prepared for battle. The enemy doesn't want you free. He likes you bound up in your past. He enjoys watching you wrestle with depression. He wants you to remain stunted.

He hates the thought of your restoration.

So you can expect a fight. 

Coming up in the deep to DEEP series, I will be writing about the different elements of the armor and its importance in the battle of recovery. We must have a strong spiritual core and our whole armor must be in place before walking out of the ruins.

In light of that, consider reading and mediating on Ephesians 6:10-18. Ask the Lord to begin revealing weak or non-existent spots in your armor.

"Fashioned to Reign" on Amazon
(I was not paid to reference this book. I was just greatly impacted by it.)

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