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Protect the vital organs

It feels ironic and yet extremely timely that the armor piece next in line in Ephesians 6 is the breastplate. 

The breastplate, as used in this passage, is a two-part covering, protecting the body on both sides from the neck to the middle.

It covers our vital organs.

The reason this is timely is because today my heart hurts. I felt rejected this weekend, at church no less, and over the course of the following days, it served to bring me back to a place of a little girl wanting to be seen, loved and wanted. Whether what happened was intentional or not, it still hurt one of my vital organs. In the wake of this fiery dart, I began to question my worth...which is absolutely not of the Lord. 

The dart hit its mark, penetrating a weak spot that I know still exists in deep places. The enemy knew where to attack, and my worth as a child of God was called into question. It was a purposeful enemy fire to get me to stop talking. To get me to stop writing. To get me to stop FEELING. And to stop me from rooting out the effects of childhood trauma for myself and others.

But I'm here to say that I won't stop talking. I won't stop writing. I won't stop feeling. I won't stop rooting out the enemy's battle strategy.  

I'm here to say that my God is one who uses the enemy as a tool. Satan meant for this incident to destroy me...NOT bring me to the throne. He meant for me to curl up in my hurt state and stay there. The truth is...I've spent ENOUGH time there. It's time to remind the enemy of his future. I win. I'm victorious in Christ. He loses. I'm ready to stand firm as the battle rages.  

And the breastplate of righteousness is key in standing.

"Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness."

Stand therefore.


As dear children of God, we're told to stand. And today, I choose to do that. I choose to take this deep place of hurt, fear, emotion (rooted in hurt after hurt, rejection after rejection, jab after jab) and completely turn it over to the DEEP.

Stand therefore.

In a commentary by Warren Wiersbe, he says this: "The life we live either fortifies us against Satan's attacks or makes it easier for him to defeat us. When Satan accuses the Christian, it is the righteousness of Christ that assures the believer of salvation. But our positional righteousness in Christ, without practical righteousness in the daily life, only gives Satan the opportunity to attack us."

As believers, we must stop ignoring the battle we're fighting. The battle is a FACT, not an option.We're clearly told we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, and we're also clearly told that we DO wrestle against principalities and powers. 

About being in spiritual warfare, David Guzik writes: "If you are ignorant or ignore that fact, you probably aren't winning the battle."

Ignorance won't win.

Ignoring won't win.

Being passive won't win.

Please, let's step up together. Let's put on our full armor. Let's cover our vital organs with Christ's righteousness. 

Let's stand therefore.

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