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Shoes have standards

I've never been a shoe addict, nor am I a fashionista...but I do LOVE a pair of shoes that provides both comfort and the cute-factor. It's not always the right combination. Sometimes a shoe can provide comfort but are terribly ugly. Other times, I'm drawn to a shoe's appearance, but as soon as I try them on...no way and ouch!

In order for me to bring a pair home, they have to meet my quality standards: price, comfort, style and practicality (meaning, I have to be able to walk, run, keep up with my kids in them). If they don't make the cut on all standards, I am forced to walk away...(sometimes I cave if it's a too-good price, but then I wind up regretting it later...I'm learning!)

The same is true for our armor shoes. They have standards to meet!

"...and, as shoes for your feet having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace." (Eph 6:15 ESV)

When I first thought about shoes in this context, I was just thinking about my everyday shoes (and let's face it...my everyday shoes are gray, comfy, cozy, moccasin slippers...) 

But this is a BATTLE verse!

Once that came to my attention, I googled Roman hobnailed sandals, and much to my delight, the bottoms are similar to track spikes!

As I processed shoes that way, I realized that the shoes were not only a protection, but also a weapon. Romans 16:20 describes it this way: "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet."

The Gospel will crush Satan and his schemes! I can't wait until that day!

The battle is a fact. But so is the Gospel. Jesus conquered Satan with his blood, and the enemy can't do anything about it!

In Revelation it says, "And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony." (12:11 NLT)

Dearest child of God, the enemy can't do ANYTHING about Christ's blood...so take a moment and think about where he might attack next.

Our testimony. Every time a child is traumatized, satan swoops in to defeat another testimony. And if we don't let Christ's blood pour out over ALL of our story, the enemy still has access.

Attacks are going to come in places where we are vulnerable. And sometimes, our vulnerabilities test our trust in our shoes. Satan doesn't want us to stand on the Gospel. So he twists truths and makes them lies. He wants us to believe things about the Gospel that aren't in the Bible. He wants to strip Jesus of his power in our lives.

Make sure today, that the place you stand is the Bible. It all points to Jesus.

Today, let's do some crushing!

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