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A tiny House Adventure

If you read my recent Lipstick & Pearls column, you know our family recently vacationed in Colorado. You also know I promised photos, particularly of our tiny house adventure. {If you're visiting my website for the first time via the newspaper, HELLO! I'm glad you're here. Feel free to stay awhile and come back often 😄}

Our family hadn't traveled to the neighbor to the west for about 10 years! Our oldest was a baby...and she spent her entire car trip riding backward. This time, all the kids should remember the trip, which is fun, I think.

I only remember vacationing in CO once while I was a kid. We traveled late into the night and arrived in the Springs while it was pitch black. In the morning, we woke to mountains and a REALLY bad hotel room. My mom insisted that we leave right away. (This was before the days of online booking and photos. My dad rolled into town, saw a vacancy sign, booked a room, and boom, done. The morning revealed a scary story.)

Perhaps this is …

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