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STORIES | miscarriage

Six times they felt the excitement and joy that came with the positive pregnancy tests. Two times they brought their precious children home.

When Jerred and Kerrie Unruh started expanding their family in 2009 with the birth of their firstborn, Titus, a future journey of miscarriage wasn’t what they expected. But just a year later, the couple was ushered into a road of pain, loss, grief and surrender that would span the next four years.

The Unruhs, with a 1-year-old, looked excitedly into the future as they planned for the arrival of their second child. Those dreams were cut short at the end of the first trimester, as Kerrie experienced her first loss.

The physical pain was excruciating, Kerrie said, revealing that it was the worst pain she had ever felt, in every way.

Following that loss, the Unruhs welcomed home their second-born, Elli.

“There was much fear and hope and joy during that pregnancy,” Jerred and Kerrie said. “We were so grateful.”

After Elli, the losses continued.

Both Jerred a…

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