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when Forgiveness seems impossible

I just finished reading the novel “Gilead” by Marilynne Robinson. There are many deep thoughts to consider within the pages of this book. Today I want to talk about one in particular--forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a word that has regularly surfaced in my vocabulary, especially from 2016 forward. It’s not that it wasn’t important before. I’ve definitely had to wrestle with it. But the summer of 2016 challenged me in a very specific way...forgiving someone who had deeply and sinfully hurt my child. Complexities from that one act has reached far beyond that one moment. I’m not sure we’ve seen the complete fallout.

And it is not my story to share. It never will be my story. But the battle to agree with forgiveness is. And that’s why Robinson’s words struck me so deeply. She writes:

"He could knock me down the stairs and I would have worked out the theology for forgiving him before I reached the bottom. But if he harmed you in the slightest way, I'm afraid theology would fail me."

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