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Finishing Touches | Dining Room + Wallpaper

I've had so many people ask to see photos of our newest renovation, so up for today...Finishing Touches | Dining Room + Wallpaper. Yay!

In our years renovating our homes, Brad and I have probably scraped miles of wallpaper. Some has been removed relatively easy. Some has been downright STUBBORN. But one thing we've never done is install wallpaper in one of our homes.

That changed with our latest renovation.

We--and by we, I mean my Mama and I--recently hung wallpaper on our dining room walls! I've been eyeing this wallpaper for at least three years. I was actually trying to find a place for it in our old home. But then we moved. And with the design style we're using in our current place, the wallpaper seemed a natural selection.

But, to appreciate the changes, we obviously have to backtrack. Really, who doesn't like before and afters?

This was a few days before we moved in. This walk-through was when reality really set in. We were moving from a house I LOVED to th…

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