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We needed stitches | Church Wounds Part 3

The final Sunday at our former church, I dressed in black. I had wept in anguish each day that week, mourning what was set in motion. As I searched my closet that Sunday morning, I was purposeful in what I pulled from the hanger. I remember thinking, I’m wearing black because this feels like a funeral.  

During that service, a leading member of the church’s council stood behind the pulpit and told us verbatim, “this wasn’t a funeral.” Those words confirmed that I would not receive the first aid care my deep, ragged wound needed. 

If you’ve ever had a skin wound, you know part of the healing process is treatment. Last time we talked about the different stages of wounds and the importance of examination. For simple stage 1-2 cuts, first aid is straightforward: wash your hands, apply gentle pressure to stop the bleeding, clean the wound, apply an antibiotic, cover the wound, and watch for signs of infection. 

For a more violent wound, however, additional care--stitches even--might be necess…

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