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A Long-View of Blogging

Early last week I was invited by my former professor (and current friend!) Aleen Ratzlaff to present about blogging for one of her communication classes at Tabor College. I was excited to be asked, but was honest when I said, “I’ll do it if you think I have something to offer.” Aleen’s reply: “Yes, you do!”  That small sentence was the start of a gift that I’m blown away by even after the presentation.  In a way, writing has felt more like a thorn than a passion in the last year or so. I find not only that the writing process whittles away at what little energy store I have, but that even when I write words, I’m not very keen to share them. I’ve wondered more than once if my brain is working to protect me from an action I’ve found extremely painful of late…and also it’s crossed my mind that perhaps this block is a God-given way to protect me from myself. Or maybe I’m just…done. Whatever the root, the inability – and lack of desire – to write has felt scary to someone who’s always been

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