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Remaztered Studio via Pixabay        Last night as I watched nationally-ranked high jumper Tyus Wilson from Sterling compete at our CKTL meet, I was struck by a distinctive element of track and field. No matter where you come from, how small your town or school is, how good your team is, an individual athlete has the chance to excel. And sometimes, like Tyus last night, a top national mark is set at a small, rural America meet. Even though not every athlete will take a national spotlight, personal bests are set each meet by a range of athletes -- in fact, many of our Hillsboro athletes set PRs last night -- and my guess is, each team represented last night had athletes who could raise their hand to the question, “who set a PR at the Hillsboro meet?” That particular element of track and field is no doubt exciting. But it's important to remember that the athletes competing individually are also competing as a team.       For every individual place, 1st-6th, points are allocated to th

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