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This morning I woke up to a sparkling world blanketed in soft, billowy snow. There was enough to cover all the grass and form layers on tree branches and rooflines. Between 3-4 inches, it was the deepest covering I’ve seen for awhile, and one I had been hoping for all winter. Except now, it’s April 20. Spring officially arrived a month ago, and with it budding plants, leafing trees, greening grass. The wheat crop has come out of dormancy. And I’m right in the middle of track season. A few months ago I would have been begging for more (10+ would be ideal), then we would have hit the sledding hill where I would have taken a few runs with my kids. Now I just want my beautiful cherry blossoms and my father-in-law’s wheat crop to survive. As often is the case, timing makes all the difference. But, none of that makes the snowfall any less beautiful to my eyes. In fact, as I looked up, the dissonance of the snow on the green leaves of our backyard tree was quite stunning. And standing there,

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