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2020 Year in (book) Review

  What a year, right? ;) I thought it would be fun, as this week rolls from 2020 to 2021, to share a few of the books that heavily impacted me the past year. This isn't an exhaustive list, though I won't claim to have read nearly the amount of books I see some FB friends posting about! (Kudos to you, you outstanding readers, you!) Within these reviews, I've also included links to some articles I've written that I hope will give you direct insight into the various ways the authors have challenged me, encouraged me, taught me. In March I was thrilled to be selected on Twitter to receive a free, autographed copy of “Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women” by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher. I follow both of the authors via social media, and knew I wanted to read this book, so I felt like I had won the lottery when I was selected :) It didn’t disappoint, and it will be one I read over again to keep its message fresh. So many books about women tend to approach the top

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