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Church Wounds | Round-up

The labor that went into this series was difficult at times, but it was also a time of rejoicing, for the Lord is on His throne. He remains sovereign. HE has my heart, and for that I am eternally grateful. I pray that those who read this series will be encouraged to stand firm in God Who is Able, no matter the wounds and scars. I pray you will find the beauty of lament. I pray you will find the courage to plant your feet in the breathed-out Word of God and stay there, even when things don't turn out how you want or expect. Take heart. In Christ, we have a mighty heritage.

Part One: Going & Staying
"Two years ago our family left our longtime church body. It was extremely painful. I’m still not “over it.” When things go bad within a body of believers, it is terribly hard. I’ve struggled to let go. I’ve struggled with knowing what to do, what to say, how to deal with the emotional and relational upheaval." 

Part Two: Wound Stages
"Blessedly, as believers, we don’t serv…

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