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Going & Staying | Church Wounds Part 1

Two years ago our family left our longtime church body. It was extremely painful. I’m still not “over it.” When things go bad within a body of believers, it is terribly hard. I’ve struggled to let go. I’ve struggled with knowing what to do, what to say, how to deal with the emotional and relational upheaval. 
Plumb sings a song called “God Help Me.” It was popular around the time we left. There’s a pair of lines that says “Help me to go. God help me to stay.” After our experience, I instinctively imagine the inner anguish that must have gone into the penning--the singing--of those words. 
We were going. But we were also staying.
We were leaving a church. But we were staying in its community.
We were physically removing ourselves yet were still emotionally tied...or at least I was.
Even though things had gotten to the place where we felt we could not, in good conscience, stay, I loved that church. Leaving about killed me. I still love that church and want good things for her. And yet, we ch…

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