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Finishing Touches | Pantry

 I decided to do a Finishing Touches post today -- and on the blog, no less. It's been awhile! Some of you following along on social media might remember that our kitchen took two years before we could officially say "We're Finished." The biggest reason behind the last year was the pull-outs residing in our new wall of cabinets. Unless you have been in the middle of construction projects in the last three years, you might not understand how expensive supplies became. Some are going down, some not. Long story shorter, we use a lot of Plywood in our designs. It's traditionally been less expensive, it's strong, and since we often paint, we use it without shame for many projects, including cabinet boxes. And, that was our plan for the new wall of cabinets in the kitchen. We got the structure built before Plywood shot up to $100 (or more) per sheet. We hadn't finished the pull-outs (which are made of maple Ply) and with the awful prices, we decided the skeleton

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