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It's in the details

Well, Gracelyn's surgery is scheduled for Sept. 13th...1.5 weeks away. For so long, the splenectomy was in the distant future. I knew it was coming, but I didn't have to think about it. Now, it's coming at me like a freight train.

As if worrying about the surgery isn't enough, I just got off the phone with the surgical nurse...with details, details, details.

First, must get CBC drawn next Wednesday. Those results (and Gracelyn's vaccine records) need to be faxed to KU Medical Center...OK, I can do that...

Next, buy lots of clear liquids. Contrary to what we were told at first, Gracelyn can't have any solid foods after Saturday. But, she can have all the juice, Popsicles, Capri Suns and broth that she wants. Poor thing! Guess that means donut time at church is out...as is the potluck...

And finally, the kicker. Must buy enemas from the pharmacist. I wouldn't know what an enema is, except that I just watched a documentary that talked about coffee enemas. The enema has to be specifically pediatric, but that still doesn't change the place you must insert such enema...Lord, help me accept the things I cannot change! And, anyone want to volunteer?

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