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Sleep training, night one

Before beginning sleep training, I spent a good part of the week catching Jemma up on her sleep. I did anything in my power to make sure she got two solid naps during the day, plus tried to get her in bed at a decent hour at night. I even went so far as to sit by her on the couch while she took her afternoon naps, just so I could lull her back to sleep if needed.

Crying jags are a part of Ferber's Method.
By Friday, I was ready to try sleep training. We rocked Jemma to sleep for her bedtime, but I started the Ferber Method during the night...read on.

1:55 a.m.--Jemma starts crying in her bed. Bleary-eyed from about 3 hours of sleep, I wake up, frustrated and tired as all get out! I fight the urge to grab her, go to the couch and return to sleep. I let her cry for the prescribed 3 minute interval.

1:58 a.m.--Thankful the 3 minutes were over, I went in to her bedroom, laid her back down, put her pacifier in, soothed her for a minute and returned to my covers. A very agitated Jemma screamed at my departure.

2:05 a.m.--After waiting the next 5 minutes, I returned, did the same method of soothing and left. Again, Jemma immediately stands up, screaming as I go. At this point, I'm not sure I can do it...

2:14 a.m.--She's still crying after 7 minutes. I go in. Soothe. Go back to bed. Take note of the clock, now I'm waiting for the long stretch of 10 minutes.

2:26 a.m.--She started to quiet during the first 10-minute period. I think she might be settling down for good. No such luck. She revved up again. With a glimmer of hope that this just might work, I go back in and soothe her once again. I take note of the clock and begin the second 10-minute interval.

2:38 a.m.--She's still going, but not as intense as before. I end up going back in after the 10-minutes are up. At that point, she was actually not standing...an improvement! Within the third 10-minutes, she actually fell back asleep. I, of course, couldn't believe it, and stayed awake at least 15 more minutes just to make sure.

The first round of Ferber's CIO lasted about 40 minutes with a lot of intense crying. Notice I allowed Ferber's maximum time of 2 minutes per soothing period. Also, I had mentally given myself 45 minutes for it to work. So happy the first night is over!

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