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Ever since reading Francis Chan's "Crazy Love," I have been aware of how lacking my servant's heart is. I have a huge desire to improve this part of my life...but it's hard when that line of thinking is completely different from what I've always known...to make sure I'm comfortable first, then see what's left.

I'm realizing, though, that while some people are naturally gifted in this area, I'm going to be one of those that takes a bunch of practice to start thinking with my heart, rather than my brain. Hopefully I learn quickly, as I have two kiddos who watch and learn from me every day.

And I want those lessons to have a POSITIVE impact! I want to be like my friend who intentionally teaches her boys to be servants. One example, she and her two boys made goodies for the lifeguards at the pool. What a great idea...and a blessing! I see those lifeguards every time I'm at the pool, but it never crossed my mind to make them snacks...see what I mean? I need to learn heart-thinking! And I've been praying...

...And one day, as Gracelyn and I were baking cupcakes, I realized that we had WAY TOO MANY for our family to eat. HMMM...Thank you, God, for making my eyes smaller than my stomach this time! A good friend is in the first trimester blahs right now. So we took her some pinkalicious goodness...(this is in no way a prediction of gender!)...we just like pink.

What things do you do with your kids/family to demonstrate servanthood? 
I would LOVE more inspiration!

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