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Finishing Touches: Barn Raising

We were excited about our house from the first showing on.
But soon after we moved in, B pointed out how shabby the garage was compared to the house.
He's right. Wanna see?

I know, garages aren't supposed to be glamorous.
But technically, this one started as a carport and got closed in two owners ago.
And it serves its purpose. But its life is getting shorter...

Enter my visionary husband.
He suggested building a double garage at the back of the house.
I got excited and suggested connecting it to the kitchen via a mudroom.
He added the idea of building a room on top of the garage/mudroom to connect to our upstairs landing by way of the window.

Whew. We are quite the team.

But something like that's expensive, even for DIYers.
It made me think about barns. (I love history. I love reading. I love reading about the Amish.)
Can you tell where this is going?

Why don't we do "barn raisings" for each other?
I think it would be fun to gather around our neighbors and raise barns...paint, deconstruct, remodel, build. Imagine pooling our talents for each other, and having a party at the same time.

I can see communities flourishing, as well as faith and friendship. And imagine all the projects that would get done (and the pizza that would be consumed)!

What projects would you like a barn raising for?

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