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Another reason not to like Dora

Here are my girls, modeling their winter hats. I asked Gracelyn if she wanted matching hats or different hats. She wanted matching. And I thought, "Great, matching hats will be so cute!"

But, sometimes matching loses its cuteness. Like when my girls "matched" in the level of screaming and fit-throwing in the middle of the library...all over who got to carry the Dora movie. (Yet another reason not to like Dora...)

 A friend, also a mom, was in the library at the time, and with a smirk said, "Malinda, my kids NEVER act like that." Funny...and what I needed. My blood pressure lowered a bit, and I managed to get the situation under control (or so I thought).

We didn't make it out of the library...and this is important, because the first fit occurred AFTER check-out...before my girls were again screaming at each other...again about Dora. (Guess LOUD just goes with her territory).

The same mom opened the door for me so I could push my stroller with screaming girl one, and haul screaming girl two out of the haven of quiet. Oh, my embarrassment. But, as I was leaving, the other mom told me how much she could relate. Even though it didn't make my kids quiet, her words DID quiet my soul.  

In a world that wants (even demands) kid-perfection, it's nice to know that my kids (and my parenting) aren't the only ones falling short of that mark!

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