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Another reason not to like Dora

Here are my girls, modeling their winter hats. I asked Gracelyn if she wanted matching hats or different hats. She wanted matching. And I thought, "Great, matching hats will be so cute!"

But, sometimes matching loses its cuteness. Like when my girls "matched" in the level of screaming and fit-throwing in the middle of the library...all over who got to carry the Dora movie. (Yet another reason not to like Dora...)

 A friend, also a mom, was in the library at the time, and with a smirk said, "Malinda, my kids NEVER act like that." Funny...and what I needed. My blood pressure lowered a bit, and I managed to get the situation under control (or so I thought).

We didn't make it out of the library...and this is important, because the first fit occurred AFTER check-out...before my girls were again screaming at each other...again about Dora. (Guess LOUD just goes with her territory).

The same mom opened the door for me so I could push my stroller with screaming girl one, and haul screaming girl two out of the haven of quiet. Oh, my embarrassment. But, as I was leaving, the other mom told me how much she could relate. Even though it didn't make my kids quiet, her words DID quiet my soul.  

In a world that wants (even demands) kid-perfection, it's nice to know that my kids (and my parenting) aren't the only ones falling short of that mark!


  1. great color combo!!!!

    fits....they go with the territory. been there!

  2. Just glad we weren't there too to add to the noise! We skipped the library entirely...partly because I forgot our library books and partly because I didn't have the patience to keep my two quiet!

  3. The hats are adorable! Yes, I must learn to crochet. And, just for the record, my kids never act like that either.


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