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I'm down to the last 2 weeks (hopefully!) of my second pregnancy. As soon as the calendar flipped to May, I immediately became impatient for the big day to arrive. Any new or unusual twinge makes me think, 'maybe this is it!' So far, I haven't been that lucky...

Despite my readiness to be rid of my belly, I do have a few concerns. At the top of that list is how to prevent (or majorly limit) sibling rivalry.

Right now, Gracelyn seems excited about the birth of her baby sister. We talk about having a new baby, we read books about having a new baby, and I believe she understands (at least partially) what 'having a new baby' means.
But, will there come a day when she's ready to have Mommy and Daddy all to herself again?

I've read stories about older children regressing in many different ways and also becoming hostile to the new baby. Does it have to be that way?
For those parents of siblings, how did you transition your oldest? How did you create an atmosphere of respect for your oldest child? And does sibling rivalry occur 100% of the time?


  1. I think making time for each child individually is important. Jake will take Judah outside to play with just him, and I stay inside with Brody. Usually, that is Judah's favorite time of the day! He also enjoys one-on-one time with grandparents, which I think is also important. :)

  2. So far, no sibling rivalry here. Selah LOVES her little brother, and it is the most precious thing to see. I have heard horror stories as well, and I was nervous. We didn't try potty training before the baby because I was worried about regression, and I don't think she was ready. I bet Gracelyn will love helping be mommy to her little sister! :)

  3. Yeah... it happens...but it usually isn't too big of a deal :) one thing to remember, try not to snap at or scold Gracelyn for her mistakes with Baby. You know when she's too rough, or loud, or tries to put random things in her mouth... those cut right to their already fragile hearts during those new weeks. Try also to give her responsibilities with Baby's care... it will help her take ownership of the new baby and feel important to you. You're so on top of it... you'll do amazingly well, i'm sure :)


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