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Keeping up with the Joneses (er Justs)--Denim Quilt

There are many things in this world that drive people to turn green with envy...money, fame, corvettes, purple jellies...for instance. But for the last several months...since Jemma's birth, in fact...I've been green for denim.

My mother-in-law and my grandma-in-law each have a denim quilt. And with the weather being ideal for outdoor fun, I've been longing for a place to lay Jemma...and a blanket made from denim seamed (heehee) ideal.

Once I decided to tackle the project, I made a quick trip to our local Etc. Shop. I was hoping to find some cheap jeans to start my project. Instead, I found a box of cheap jeans...all deemed unwearable by the thrift shop volunteers...for $2.50 per box. Jackpot!

I started to cut squares. For sewing, I've never used a pattern. Don't tell my Grandma Emma...she was an outstanding seamstress before her stroke...and she taught me better than to make up my own projects.

Nevertheless, my project continued. My stack of denim squares grew. I purchased cute fabric for the underbelly. And I pulled out my sewing machine. Now, just as I worked on crochet projects with Grandma Helen, I always spent time each summer with Grandma Emma. And we made things. And they were more involved than simple crochet chains. We made doll blankets, doll clothes, and later on, a quilt for me to take to college. It was made from old material from dresses Grandma made me when I was a little girl. It's a very special blanket. But, back on track, Grandma Emma taught me to use a sewing machine.

I'm not very proficient. I dabble. To be kind. But sometimes I enjoy sewing for a few hours. Until it makes me so mad that I want to run with scissors. But the Saturday I pulled out the machine to make my denim quilt, I was on a mission. I wanted it finished the next day for the Tabor picnic.

I got the squares sewn together...my hems aren't even, and the seams don't align...but that's what I get for not using a pattern. Brad decided I needed to put some lining in-between the top and bottom...thanks for your input. So I used an old fleece blanket that was stored in our garage. I wasn't frustrated with the project until I started sewing the three layers together...then all the pinning in the world didn't keep the fleece from stretching. Again, thanks for your input, Brad.

But then it was done. And, despite it's flaws, I'm proud of it. All those years of sewing under my grandma's watchful eye paid off. I made a large project on my own. I just won't take it to my grandma for inspection.

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  1. LOL.. Yeah she would have a cow if you showed here that. lol. On the other hand you did a thousand time better than I ever did. I never had the patients to sit still for long.. let alone for hrs sewing something grandma tried to get me to do. lol. I was deffinately the outdoorsey get down and dirty one of the family. ;)


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