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Like mother, like daughter

 Gracelyn and I share several attributes...that's a given, right? Her cheeseball grin and squinty eyes are nearly identical to my own. She's opinionated...hmmm. She loves purple. And pink. And girly things (I wore a dress everyday to school until 5th grade).

But we also share a love for books. Growing up, I would spend a better part of my weekend holed up in my room with a book. If I didn't have grown-up responsibilities, I could still spend my time that way...And Gracelyn is following suit. This morning, she spent at least an hour traveling from the living room to her "library" and back, arms loaded with books.  (The photos are of a couple of the piles she made. Guess she wants Jemma to be prepared for a long car trip...)

Right now, her favorites are "Goldylocks and the Three Bears" and "Henry's Awful Mistake" (you know, the one where the duck chases an ant and ends up flooding his house). Fun stuff. We read these stories multiple times a day. And yes, I have my papa bear, mama bear and baby bear voices primed and ready at all times...

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  1. Love it! It's so fun to have a shared love with one of your kids.

  2. As a fellow book lover I have to say she would be hard pressed to find something better to be into!


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