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A major milestone

I'm a proud mama today! Jemma rolled over. It wasn't a big surprise...after all, she's been working on this milestone for several weeks...but it definitely brought a joyous smile and claps, nonetheless.

Of course, I managed to miss the big moment. I've been cheering her on every day, but she hadn't gotten further than her side. But today, as soon as I left the living room to put a pizza in the oven for lunch, I hear Gracelyn say, "He did it. (yes, he...Gracelyn doesn't have gender down quite yet). Yay baby Jemma!" And then Gracelyn started clapping. When I walked back in the living room, I found Jemma on her tummy...and looking very proud. I asked Gracelyn if she helped...but she denied the inquiry.

I rolled Jemma back over to see what she'd do. And, a few seconds later, she did it again. Success! And then she spit up all over my carpet. Hey, I take what I can get...


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