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I designed my first scrapbook during my late high school years. Back then I loaded my pages with funky-shaped photos, gel pens & glitter glue. I think my current work has come a long way...it doesn't make me cringe...yet.

Gracelyn's album is my most recent endeavor. In the last few days, I tackled Gracelyn's 2nd birthday party. These pages make me happy. I found the basic photo layout in my "Creating Keepsakes" magazine. Then, I modified the magazine layout. One modification is the use of brightly-colored paper. In keeping with Sesame Street, I chose to use a vibrant color scheme.

One of my favorite aspects of this design is the red stitching I used to connect the letters in "celebrating."

And finally, having a beautiful little girl as the feature presentation makes all the difference between average and rock star pages!


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