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I may have said this before (probably on Facebook), but I LOVE my camera! Brad and I "bought up" right before Jemma was born, and we've not once regretted our purchase. Plus, we got a great deal on Craigslist, so that always helps...Anyway, we bought a Nikon D40. Beautiful.

By no means do I consider myself a professional, but I enjoy photography...particularly when it comes to capturing my two beauties. And, I must admit, I would much rather be the one taking the pictures, instead of the one being photographed. I'll leave the modeling to my younger sister...

But, despite my lack of professional ambition, I wanted to share a few shapshots from recent days. The weather has been gorgeous here (central KS) in the last few days, and we took advantage one afternoon by spending a couple hours in the sandbox. Jemma was content to lay on her new quilt. Gracelyn was having fun in the sun and the sand. Too bad we were lacking the surf...

Anyway, Jemma is already 3-months-old. She's getting a little personality...and she looks a lot like her daddy!

Gracelyn is turning into a little girl...she has a vivid imagination, and is starting to enjoy playing by herself.

And here Jemma is again, sporting an outfit Gracelyn wore last summer (yes, as a 1-year-old). Poor thing, she has to wear a bunch of hand-me-downs...


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