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363 days and counting...

The annual Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair was this weekend. I remember the first time I came to the show. I must have been about 10, and I thought we were in a huge town! So many people. But I also remember hating the fair. I was so bored. And nothing interested me. Except for the princess headbands that were popular then. Pretty sure mom bought me one just so I'd shut up for a bit!

And so I didn't go back to the fair until my freshman year at Tabor. I'm sure my mom was relieved that she didn't have to listen to my complaints for eight years...

But since 2001, Mom and I have made a yearly habit of walking Main and Grand as a duo. I look forward to our time together all year. And it seems to me that I have a problem sleeping the night before. Too much excitement I guess.

This year was no exception. We got up. Got ready. Got the girls ready. Left the girls with grandpa and walked the three blocks from my house to the fair. (I know, I so lucky that I live so close!)

Here are my finds for this year:

An adorable changing pad, made by local crafter Brenda Jordan. I can now change Jemma's diapers in style. I'm sure she will be forever grateful!

A headband and barrett also found at Brenda's booth. These were made by Brenda's daughter-in-law. She was so "ingenuitive" with the barrett...it has non-slip material on the barrett's insides to keep it from slipping. And it works like a charm. So well, in fact, that Gracelyn can't pull it out! Love it.

Here's Miss Jemma, modeling her newly acquired accessory.

Donna Bagley, with Bagley's Bears, another local vendor, allowed me to have my pick of her booth for a gift for Jemma. Donna works at Tabor with Brad, and she's very good about keeping my girls well-stocked with teddy bears made from quilts and comforters. So fun!

A toffee vendor gave me a sample of his goods. It worked like a charm. I splurged and bought a small sack of Orange Delight toffee. It tastes like an Orange Julius. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's gone...

And finally, my favorite! I found a desk! I LOVE it. I told Brad that when I'm a famous writer, people will pay to see the desk that made it all happen. He laughed. Nice. But really, I'm so excited to use my desk! And, I might leave the price tag on...The Farmer's Daughter used playing cards for her price tags. Priceless!

With this post, my favorite weekend of the year comes to a close. It's 363 days and counting until next year!


  1. Wow. You had a lot of finds. I usually go with my mom and sister every year (I even remember when my grandma would have a booth), but didn't get to go this year.


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