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Riding a trike

I've been on an emotional roller coaster lately. Gracelyn's upcoming surgery has me stressed. But I'm uncovering a fun way to cope with my moodiness...riding a trike. Yup. That's right. A tricycle. I know, I know...I'm too big, right? Well, that's true. But it didn't stop me. I rode Gracelyn's tricycle yesterday as she "raced" me in her Little Tykes coupe. It was the most joyous part of my day. (Although I did get some funny looks from the neighbors. Yes, we were most definitely in the front yard!)

And I decided that no matter how down my day is, I want to find something joyous to do. Something childish. Something completely out of character. Something to make me laugh. Something to expend some energy. 

Sunday night, Gracelyn and I had a dance party. We played old-school rock and cut loose. And I dance like the white girl I am. But I needed a good laugh.

And I need a good laugh today. We found out this morning that Gracelyn's surgery has to be postponed due to an ear infection. We are so ready to be done with all this medical drama...think House. Last night as we were eating supper, we made note that in one week, everything would be over. Now, it's more like three weeks. Sept. 27th is the big day. And it's frustrating to no end. I've spent a lot of time with angry thoughts and tears today.

But I'm still looking for a distraction. Maybe I'll get out the trike again.


  1. Good for you to do something that might look silly! Your girls will remember stuff like that!!! I try to do the same myself. I try to say YES whenever I can and cut loose and ALLOW myself to have fun! Adults seem to think it's not okay to do those things. I'm so glad to hear you are letting yourself into the fun times with your kids!


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