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Viking Volleyball

I love fall. Partly because of crisp weather, sweaters and jeans. But also because of volleyball. I got my start as a volleyball player at Marquette Elementary when I was in 6th grade. I played four years as a Smoky Valley Viking, and went on to play two years at Tabor College. I decided to end my career as an athlete in order to concentrate on earning my degree. But I still love playing. And I most definitely love watching.

Someday, God willing, I want to be a volleyball coach. But for now, I will enjoy my sister Monica's last season as a Viking. She's so fun to watch...but, I must admit, the coach in me comes out sometimes...sorry sis!

Monica is #24. In the following photo, she's showing off her hitting prowess against Hesston:

Monica has mad jumping abilities! In the off-season, she powerlifts...pretty sure that doesn't hurt:


To put the above photo in perspective, Monica is blocking with #23 (below)...who is several inches taller. And yet, Monica is just as high...maybe higher. I'm not proud or anything...

Good luck in your senior season, Monica!


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