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For Sale Sign

The For Sale sign appeared in our yard yesterday evening. It represents excitement--a new chapter in our lives is on the horizon--but also sadness--a chapter in our lives is closing.

It's amazing how the same sign can bring about such different emotions. On the one hand, we are ready to move to the family farm. It will be wonderful to live in the country. Such freedom! Brad and I both grew up on farms, and we are excited to have our girls grow up in that environment.

But yet I still love this house. And I'm probably holding on too tightly. But when I look at it, I see the first house Brad and I bought as a family. We put many hours of sweat equity into this house...pulling paneling, striping wallpaper, painting walls, painting trim and cabinets, deliberating over light fixtures and curtains. It was hard work, but so fun to do together. As I write this, tears are welling up. It's hard to let go.

But such is life. We've had a lot of changes happen to our family over the last year. A pregnancy and new baby. A diagnosis and a surgery. And now a move.

Through it all though, God has been faithful to us. He gave us a beautiful baby girl in Jemma. A newly-healthy daughter in Gracelyn. And I'm sure he will provide a buyer for our house, too. Someone to take pride in our home and love it like I have. 

And he's already given me hope for what is to come. And that doesn't disappoint.


  1. We have a similar story about moving out to the country...we lived in our first house on N. Birch Street, a small 2-bedroom ranch, for 5 years. We also remodeled and updated...what good memories we have of living there! It was also hard for me to leave, and I still enjoy driving by every once in a while. Even with all the challenges (power outages) and inconveniences (driving the kids to all their activities), we still LOVE being out here. When you grow up on a farm, it's kinda in you forever, I guess. It will be 11 years this Christmas since our move (Jared was only 2 years old then!) Good luck selling your house! (We also sold ours thru Fast.) Gail D.


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