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Rock a-bye baby...PLEASE go to sleep!

Don't you just love photos of sleeping babies? I do! Babies look so peaceful when they sleep...and just so sweet!

But, don't let this precious photo of Jemma fool you...she's really a sleeping-nightmare in disguise! 

We've been having major sleep issues at our house. Sleep is so important. And as a mom, it's my job to safe-guard my children's sleep. That means I make sure to allow ample time for naps, and that I have a set bedtime in place. Woe to you who wish to disrupt naptime and bedtime! 
But lately, making sure my children aren't overtired hasn't been easy!

First, Jemma fights taking naps with every ounce she has. And when I say fights, I mean FIGHTS. With loud screams. With shoving herself nearly off my lap. And with more loud screams. I've tried everything...rocking, not rocking. Holding, not holding. Letting her cry, trying not to let her cry. Nothing works! And she is oh so tired. Sometimes I think we've been successful, only to have Jemma realize that her eyes were closed...and then we start all over. Frustrating!

And then there's Gracelyn. She used to go to sleep on her own. Easy! And then we took her paci away. It needed to be done. But now, she fights sleep, too. Today, she cried for over an hour. Screamed actually. But, she needed sleep. Finally, sleep came. But still, I have a heavy heart and a weary soul.

I hate feeling like I'm torturing my children. I love them. I want what's best for them. I KNOW what's best for them...sleep! I believe we live in an overtired culture...and I want my children to escape that...at least while it's under my control.

So bring on the advice. What worked for you? What didn't? Any good books to read? I know all children are different, but everyone needs to sleep...including me!


  1. I was fighting the same issue with the twins when they were about 6 months old. My mom brought me this dvd named Praise Baby (producer is Big House Kids, i think) and as I was against tv for such little ones,,,IT HELPED!!! It is christian faith based songs that are really soothing and it shows pictures of all different animals and babies, etc. I would lay the twins on the floor and they would focus on it and fall asleep. Still to this day at 2 1/2 yrs old, they LOVE to watch Praise Baby!
    Hope it helps,

  2. Totally sucks Malinda. I remember the frustration of a 2 year old and a baby. Nothing can make your blood pressure rise like a screaming baby! I always swaddled my babies really tight and turned a fan on...but you know this already so I'm no help. I'll just pray for you :).


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