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The small stuff

The surgery is behind us. And yet, a week later, I am still giddy with excitement over all the prayers God answered for us. Today, I wanted to share some of those with you:

  • The big one: Gracelyn is alive and well! For so long during this journey, I was afraid. I was afraid that God would take Gracelyn from me. That I wouldn't be given the opportunity to see her grow up. But, God has given us not only one more day, but 8 and counting since the surgery.  I want to live my life thankful for each day I am given.
  • The recovery has been speedy. We took Gracelyn to church Sunday, and had many people comment that they didn't expect to see us. But Gracelyn has bounced back so quickly that we didn't need to stay home.
  • We had wonderful nurses. They were so loving toward Gracelyn, and patient with us. We had a bunch of family around the hospital, and the nurses didn't seem to mind everyone coming and going to make sure we always had the max allowed visitors (2) in PICU.
  • Jemma was a good baby for us. It helped to have many family members available for round-the-clock babysitting.
  • God has taught me more about Himself...He loves to shower His children with gifts. Today, I received two cards in the mail from people who said they were praying and will continue to pray for us. What a blessing! Another friend offered to bring a meal. I never want to discount the gift of friends.
  • God also taught me how to pray in a different way. Instead of asking for something to be taken away, I now know how to pray through...to pray for resilience in faith and also for tangible ways to survive and get through circumstances. I can even apply this to my sleep deprivation: "Lord, show me ways to be rested, even when I can't sleep all night." :)

These are just a few examples of what God did for us. I find myself growing...
Ever since my brother died nearly 12 years ago, I have struggled with the effectiveness of prayer. Why God chooses to answer yes to some, no to others. But this experience is a step in the right direction. I don't want to get stuck only looking at "large" answers to prayer. I want to always be able to see the small stuff...like cards in the mail. 


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