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Spilling the beans

Big changes are on the horizon for the Just family. We are moving! 

Brad's grandparents have purchased a house in Hillsboro, so we are packing up and heading to the country (probably the first of the year). We are so excited to have more space, as our 2-bedroom, 1-bath is becoming a little snug.

But I will miss my little house on Adams. Brad and I have lived here for 5 years now! It's amazing how quickly time flies. So over the next few posts, I want to share photos of how we have transformed our house into our home.

The following are photos of our kitchen. Unfortunately, I don't have complete "before" photos, because we'd already stripped the ugly chicken wallpaper before pulling out the camera. Aside from that, the most exciting perks of the kitchen: you hardly had to move to get in the refrigerator...it was right in the middle of the floor, and, I adored the two columns...they added so much (charm?).


The last photo is what it looks like now. Brad cut off the posts, we painted the walls and the cabinets, put in new flooring, and new light fixtures, and the biggest thing, Brad and his dad cut a hole in the wall and recessed the fridge...much better!


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