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Jemma's hat...and some cute girls

Today I took advantage of some gorgeous weather to snap a few shots of the girls. I've been working on hats for both of them...unfortunately, at the time of these photos, Gracelyn's hat was MIA. It was later discovered under a blanket on my kitchen floor. Apparently the blanket hadn't moved for a few days...

I used a thick, bulky yarn for Jemma's hat. It worked up nicely, although Jemma doesn't always enjoy having it on her head. Her favorite carseat pastime is to yank on the flower, in turn removing the hat.

The flower turned out a little larger than I anticipated. It was the first time I've tried a looped flower, but I love the end result. For a finishing touch, I added a brown button in the center of the flower. I sewed it on using pink thread. 

On a different note, I love these photos of the girls. We've had a lot of happy moments  lately. Jemma is such a happy baby, and Gracelyn is much more easy-going since her surgery. However, Gracelyn is still opinionated...and what you can't tell from the above photo is that in the next shot Gracelyn tackled Jemma because she was trying to eat leaves.


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