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Ode to 2010

2010 was a big year for us. Here are some highlights:

On April 16, Gracelyn turned two. She's such a blessing to our family! (Gracelyn's birthday party)
 On May 12, our second beautiful daughter entered the world. We named her Jemma Elise. Jemma means precious gem, and that's exactly what we have in our little girl! (Jemma Elise)
 Jemma was born on a Wednesday. We brought her home Thursday. By Saturday, we were back in the hospital, this time admitting Gracelyn for her second blood transfusion in a little over a year. Finally, after MUCH testing, Gracelyn was diagnosed in July with hereditary spherocytosis, a blood disease affecting the red blood cells. (Sperocytosis)

On September 27, Gracelyn was admitted to KU Medical Center for a splenectomy...the only way to eradicate the symptoms of her disease. (surgery)
 We put our house up for sale at the end of October. A week later, we were under contract! (Improvements; For sale) We are currently living with Brad's parents while we wait for our new house to open up. We are hopeful that we will get settled within the next couple weeks!
 All in all, 2010 was a crazy year for us. We went through a full range of emotions and back again. It makes me wonder what might be in store for us in 2011...


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