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Goodbye January

Jemma enjoying her 1st snow
Despite a runny nose, we needed fresh air!
It seems to me, January is one of the longer months of the year. My guess, it's the constant state of being indoors. But this January has been exceptional...well, exceptionally LONG, that is!

Our 8-inch snowman
My girls have been sick. A lot. I went to our pediatrician (again) about 10 days ago for a rattling noise coming from Jemma's lungs. I asked him if it was spring. He said in the sick-world, spring won't come until April. Kids who aren't in daycare get an average of 5 colds a season. And 10+ if in daycare. Boo.

So, we've been on high-dose antibiotics...on top of Gracelyn's daily penicillin. At one point, I had a white burp rag turned pink from a bunch of dribbled-out amoxicillin. Lovely.

Roasting hot dogs in the fireplace
But today, praise the Lord, we are well. And I'm loving it.

I'm also loving the fact that we MOVED this weekend. YAY! I'm not sure where my camera is, but I'll post photos soon...before we start painting. I love before and after pics!

So, this (randomness) being said...GOODBYE January. HELLO phasing out winter!


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