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Jemma's dedication

Our little Jemma Elise was dedicated Sunday at Ebenfeld MB. I love how our pastor, Gaylord Goertzen, does baby dedications. 

First, he lets the parents tell the church why they choose the name they did.

Next, Gaylord shares the meanings he finds of the names:
Jemma: "A treasured gem"
Elise: "Sweet and gentle

Then, Gaylord shares his hopes for the child:
"May she be a godly young woman whose sweet and gentle spirit makes her a precious jewel in the eyes of God and his people."

And then, a life-scripture: 
"They shall be mine, says the Lord Almighty in the day when I make up my precious jewels." Malachi 3:17

The church dedicates itself to support the family.

And Gaylord prays.

Baby dedication is a sweet moment.

Filled with family and celebration.

And a special cake made by my mom.

And gifts for the beloved child.

Thanks for taking a moment to share in our special day.


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