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Our new home: A First Glimpse

Here are a few before and after images of our new home. We have so much more space here...at least double of what we did! What an amazing blessing for our family!

The first 3 photos were taken shortly after we moved in. All the walls were white. Hello blank canvas!

My living room/dining room is very long. The following photo was taken with me standing in our kitchen. 

This is the dining portion of my long room. Someday, I'd love to have French doors rather than sliding. I'm also wanting to find a different light fixture... 

This photo is of our dining area with smoky blue paint and white curtains (from Pottery Barn). I had the same color in our living room at our old house. I just love it! But as you can see, the chandelier is a bit too fancy for my taste.

The wall with curtains is painted a lighter shade than the fireplace wall and the opposite wall.

Another view from the kitchen, this time with paint and curtains.

And now, a little different view. As you can see, lots of space!

Gracelyn's bedroom is the next project. We want her to feel at home in her new basement bedroom. She wanted pink walls, so we are doing a color called "Ballet Slipper." I'm excited to see how it turns out...


  1. Loved your new house! I'm trying not to be jealous of your country home...guess I'll just have to keep visiting and pretend that I live out there too :).

  2. So excited for you! Look at all that space! You will have fun making it "yours."

  3. love the pics! please keep 'em coming as you make the place your own. congrats again on your new home!!


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