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An outside view

I've promised more pictures of our new house. Today I deliver on that promise. Happy viewing!

This is the front of our farmhouse. Not what you'd expect for country life, huh? There's also another garage door "hiding." It's nice to have both our vehicles in a garage!

Gracelyn is helping Brad clean up brush. We have a lot more yard to maintain, plus a lot more flowers. I don't consider myself a green-thumb, so we'll see what happens... 

This is the first real smile I captured of Gracelyn on this particular afternoon.
She's at a difficult stage for taking photos.

This is my father-in-law hard at work filling in the pond that was in the center of our circle drive. With kiddos around, we knew the pond had to go. We didn't want to take any unnecessary risk involving standing water!

Gracelyn's room is next up for a showcase. Stay tuned for some pinkalicious fun!


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