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Pretty in Pink

I've been promising photos of Gracelyn's new bedroom. Today's the day! There's not much to show before...the walls were white. The end. But, after after getting some Ballet Slipper on the wall, it's a great little girl space:

We had some major trouble while painting, though. Just ask my father-in-law! He's been our master painter so far, but the trouble wasn't his fault. We needed a little extra paint to finish the trimming. I'm cheap. I bought a gallon to see how far it would go. But, the extra quart was about 5 shades darker (thanks kid at True Value). Tried again. Still two shades darker. Went to Lowes for a color match. Not perfect. So the room was re-painted. Isn't my FIL generous? 

The letters were lovingly made by my mom shortly after Gracelyn was born. She used scrapbook paper and mod-podged it on the letters. It's hung by white satin ribbon. It's one of my favorite things about the room!

Another favorite is this corner. I bought the dresser from The Vintage Soiree. I love the blue with the pink. And I plan to paint the bookshelf the same shade. I found the frame at Hobby Lobby. It matches perfectly, right down to the green polka dots that correspond with the curtains!

For fun, this is the pile of friends Gracelyn sleeps with at night. She normally has them laying down by her, but I took the liberty of posing them. Maybe that's why she's not napping today...

And, the most important of sleeping buddies...Kitty (from my parents when Gracelyn was in the hospital the first time) and her purple blanket that I made before she was born.

And finally, the room isn't complete without it's resident, my darling girl! 


  1. Excellent vision....I love the blue and the pink. and I love that bed!

  2. I really like it! I love all the bright colors that aren't the traditional matchy-matchy look. Makes me itch to redo a girl's room.

  3. Cute Malinda! I think I've painted about every room in my house twice....not because I'm cheap because I don't ever get the color right on the first try :).


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