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Sleep training, intro

Jemma, sleeping soundly at 2 weeks old
Well, Jemma is 10 months old already...it's hard to believe. We've had a lot happen in those 10 months, besides adjusting to a new baby--Gracelyn's surgery, selling our house, living with my in-laws, moving into our new house--busy times!

One thing we didn't include, however, was a good dose of sleep training for Jemma. It's hard for me to listen to the desperation of a baby's cry while sleep training. And it's hard not to listen to the mommy-guilt always present...telling me I'm a bad mom for letting my daughter cry for even 5-minute intervals.

But, a week ago, I decided I can't keep going with things as they are. That is, me getting up at least two times during the night, thus getting sleep in 3-4 hour stretches. Pretty much for the last 10 months, plus! (Pregnancy bathroom runs, can I get an amen?)

I can't pretend that sleep deprivation hasn't taken a toll on me (and my loved ones, for that matter). I'm irritable. I'm not very happy. I'm tired. I'm short-tempered. And I hate what I've become. Therefore, things have to change. In the coming posts, I will give an inside perspective to the Ferber Method of sleep training. I hope this gives any other parents struggling with sleep issues some encouragement--YOU AREN'T ALONE!


  1. I hope you find something that works for you and Jemma. I'll be reading along as you post :)


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