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Unique Sisters

Every day, I marvel (sometimes in exasperation) at how different my girls are! 

Gracelyn, while by no means quiet, is content to stay in one place DOING something. She loves coloring, painting, putting puzzles together, reading...At 18 months, she could color for about 30 minutes without stopping. And now today, at almost three, she has spent nearly the entire morning with markers, window markers, puzzles or colors. She hasn't touched any of her toys.

Jemma, on the other hand, is constantly moving! While I realize some of this might be her age, it is obvious to Brad and I that she has a much more adventurous spirit than does Gracelyn. She loves to explore. And as I explained to Gracelyn, who was in distress because Jemma kept lifting up a corner of a rug, Jemma is much like Curious George. Gracelyn was content with that explanation.


This morning, while Gracelyn busied herself with art projects, Jemma got stuck under our dining room table. 

They both keep me busy...I just have to dig more Kleenex out of Jemma's mouth...


  1. Oh my goodness, I think you have the twins to my girls. Sydney can sit still forever. And she's really a homebody. Maia is a LOT more independent, and she is always bringing me her jacket, wanting me to put it on. I assume it means she wants to go somewhere :) Oh, and I dig kleenex out of M's mouth on an hourly basis.

  2. Is this the new header? I LOVE it. Nice job!


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