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Ah track, how I loved thee

Let me be the one to say, high school was NOT the best time of my life :) But, I did come away with some great memories. Like winning the James Thomas Invitational at Hillsboro when I was a junior. We had a great team that year, and I got to go to state in my four events: long jump, 100 meters, 200 meters and the 4x400.

Ashley, Cara, Tara, Michelle, Emily, me, Mary Ann, and Nancy (in front)

This photo was taken after we won the Hillsboro invite. That was a major deal, as SVHS girls never beat Hillsboro in anything--volleyball, no way; basketball, I don't think so; but track, YES! After living in Hillsboro for the almost 10 years, I have to admit that I probably have more Trojan than Viking in me...but today, I will be cheering on my sister who will be running for the Vikes at the Hillsboro Invite this afternoon. Can't wait!


  1. Great picture! It brings back a lot of good memories. Good luck Monica!


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