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My weekend project

I really enjoy cake decorating--something I got from my mom. It's a great creative outlet for me, as long as I don't have kiddos screaming at my legs. Then my stress level rises VERY quickly! My mother-in-law gave me several hours of quiet on Saturday, and made it possible for me to complete this cake for Gracelyn's 3rd birthday.

Click HERE for the cake I used for inspiration.

I didn't need a multiple-layer cake, so I modified it. And then, added M&Ms...you can't go wrong there! I decided to use light-weight modeling clay instead of fondant for the balloons. I used floral wire to hold up the balloons. 

I decided to use a pre-made Curious George. I wasn't confident that I could make him look right...and if you don't get the face right, it just looks like a monkey.


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