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Jemma's room

I'm tired of drab white walls. I need color. And yet, there is little time to start a new project right now. SAD! But I do have another finished room to share. 

The before shot...white walls, my favorite :)
This is Miss Jemma's room...for now. I opted for a neutral color...just in case we ever have a boy :)I found the color for $5 at Home Depot. Someone didn't want it. It was close to what I wanted, and for 5 bucks, I couldn't pass it up! Turns out, I like the color.

My $5 color choice.

I'm not a fan of the plain curtains with it. I want something patterned. Someday. Right now, the curtains are thick and block out sunlight...ideal for naps!

The letters my mom made.
My next room to tackle will be the laundry room. It's going to be my "fun" room. I can't wait! Goodbye white walls, hello more color!


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