Let's be SOCIAL

Funny how things work out...

Today, I tried calling three different people for a spontaneous lunch at Wendy's. No one was available, so I braced myself for lunch with my two kiddos...by myself...in public.

They were great today. Blessing No. 1.

An old co-worker (who is still my friend :) showed up to eat by herself. She joined us. Blessing No. 2.

I've kind of turned into a country bumpkin ever since moving to the farm. And by that, I mean I'm generally out of the loop. So through our conversation, my friend filled me in on her life-happenings. She talked about her grandbabies. (Her oldest granddaughter is a few months younger than Gracelyn, to put things into perspective.)

A little reminder of the fragility of life.
Gracelyn, in the PICU right after her splenectomy.
And then she told me about her newest grandchild...and the trauma that went along with the birth. Doctors are amazed that both mom and baby are still alive. Yes, both nearly died during labor. 

Her story brought tears to my eyes. No matter how old (or young) your children are, it's painful to see them hurting. It's painful to see them in a hospital bed after surgery. It's painful to almost lose them. And it's excruciating when you do lose them.

But her daughter and son-in-law aren't letting this experience pass them by. Instead, they have said they are looking at life very differently now. It's amazing how God draws us near, especially during trials.

God answered my prayers from last night. I wanted to see Him moving. I did today at Wendy's. Blessing No. 3.


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