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Justs harvest here

I LOVE harvest. It's super busy, yes. It's super dirty, yes. It gets super late, yes. But I still love it. When I was a little girl, I got to go "help" my Grandpa and my Uncle Larry with harvest. My cousin and I rode in the combine with my uncle, and sometimes with Grandpa. Other times, we would climb in the wheat truck and play (as long as we didn't dump out any wheat).

I don't go "help" my grandpa anymore, because I stick around our farm. I actually DO help nowadays. My mother-in-law and I are the food crew. Here are some photos from Friday...a couple hours before the big storm hit:

Jemma never stays confined for long
The food crew, minus me

Daddy and the girls

One of my favorites

The combine we were test-driving

Impressive operation
What are your favorite harvest memories?


  1. Drinking pop! That was one of the highlights when we'd go to my grandparents' farm for harvest. My newest harvest memory is seeing how many grandkids can fit in one tractor or combine at the same time!!
    ps. I don't know how to put my name on these things...it's Angela!

  2. Ohh, it would have to be playing in the grain trucks while waiting in the Coop line for what sometimes seemed to be hours! Then getting a sucker or tootsie roll at the window when it was our turn to dump the grain.


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