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Summer reading, dead battery and Heaven

Today was Gracelyn's first time to attend Summer Reading at the library. I took my camera to document, but turns out, the battery is dead. Great job, Mommy! (I also deserve the best-mom award for not having any diapers or wipes in my diaper bag...my dear friend Angela saved me from smelling a very messy diaper all through lunch.)

Seriously, where is my brain? 

Before my dead-battery episode, my plan was to celebrate summer reading by giving a book review. So, I'm still going to do that, I just won't have a cutesie photo to accompany said review. Here goes...

I just read the book "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. It's about a little boy, the author's 3-year-old son, who visited Heaven while he was on the operating table. The book gives many convincing reasons why people should believe the boy's story.

But here's my own reason: I serve a God of miracles. A God not limited by my own perspective. A God bigger than I can imagine.

As a Christian, I choose to believe in the Truth of the Bible...all of it. And in the Bible, God gave people glimpses of Himself and glimpses of Heaven. So why COULDN'T the great God I believe in let a little boy into Heaven if only for a few moments?

I also related well to the family dynamics of the book...a sick child, an operating room, even a miscarriage. And I gleaned some hope from the book's pages.

I encourage you to read "Heaven is for Real." It's a quick, easy read...it only took me a day. (Granted, my laundry suffered for it, but oh well...)

If you've read the book, what's your response?


  1. I have no idea if any of it (the book) is for real, but it did make me want to see Jesus more. And that I loved!


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