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FTF - What is it?

Brad and I love This Old House. (Anyone else?) We DVR the show and we get the magazine. 

On the show, they have a segment called, "What is it?" where one of the stars brings in a weird tool and the rest guess what it is.

The men on the show have fun with it, and come up with some interesting, entertaining and clever ideas...none of which are the actual use of the tool.

So today's edition of Finishing Touch Friday is a "what is it?" kind of day.

What is it?

It makes a great farm:

And some roads for Barbie: 

But what is it? 

If you guess right, you'll know what room became my next project. I hope to have some photos by next Friday! Have a great weekend.


  1. Hahaha, I know! :) So you took the 'old-lady' look out of the kitchen?

  2. is it off the top of the kitchen cabinets? I don't know the proper name for it...

  3. ah! they beat me to it! I knew EXACTLY what that was! i'm calling it trim....


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