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If this was yours...

My decorating style is pretty straight-forward. I like purposefully-placed items. I don't like a lot of knick-knacks (seriously, who wants to dust?) I like coordination, but not necessarily matching. I like painted furniture (like the black, re-purposed door that I purchased from Vintage Soiree...it is now a frame in my stairway).

I like bigger items that take up space, look nice, but don't look cluttered.

I don't like a bunch of stuff sitting around. 

Therefore, this huge built-in (in my living room) is giving me fits! Not only is the wood a finish that doesn't fit my style, but it has a ton of shelving that I can't decide what to put on it. It's not even full, and I already feel that it's too cluttered! 

So, if this was yours, what would you do? (FYI, I can't paint it...sad!)

Come on, give me your decorator love...Help a knick-knack hater out!

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