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Not quite there (FTF)

I'm really loving Finishing Touch Fridays. It keeps me movtivated to accomplish something around my house so I can post each week!

For those of you who took a GUESS last week, you were right. The fence in my kitchen came down. And a fresh coat of paint went up. Only I got sick, so the walls still need another coat. So sorry, no new photos.

But, here's a before shot:

The funny thing about fresh paint....yes, it totally improves a space. But it also spirals projects out of control.

For instance, the new paint in our kitchen made the light fixtures (except the one over my table, which is new) look even more out-of-place. The new light fixtures then need all new cabinet/drawer pulls to match, as well as a new faucet. The new paint also begs for new curtains, which means I will need a new rug. The new rug needs some new flooring. And it would only be right to put in a new cooktop that has more than two burners. (At this point, I can't really make spaghetti!)

So, let's review the shot of my kitchen:

Turns out, it's quite a list still to do!

What "little" projects have you started, only to find they have snowballed?


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