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I have three mini-posts I want to combine today...mostly because I am excited about each of them, and can't wait to share!

New Aviator:

This little Aviator is headed to Omaha with my friend Tami. Her sister just had a baby boy, and he needed open heart surgery. My heart breaks for families with sick kiddos...there are so many raw emotions that occur when you are helpless to help your child. Please join me in lifting up baby Graham, his two sisters, and his mommy and daddy, in prayer today.

Finishing Touch Friday:

Finally, something to post (and some time to share)! Projects have been on hold around here. If you are married to anyone involved in the school system, you know the ramifications of back to school! But, a couple weekends ago, I was in Abilene by myself, so I took the opportunity to browse a few antique shops.

This is one of my finds:

The legs need a little TLC...but, the size and shape of this step-stool bench make it perfect for my kitchen helpers!


Gracelyn and I just finished up the first week of homeschooling for her first year of preschool. These works of art are currently on display in our "classroom":



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