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First day of school

Today was Gracelyn's first day of preschool!

We are using a preschool curriculum called ABC Jesus Loves Me. It has some great ideas, and I think our first day went really well. Gracelyn is so excited to learn, as you will see in the following photos. After we get some routine down, I will write more about that, but for today, I will let the photos tell the story:

So excited for school!
She put the bag on herself.
Busy coloring...like the makeshift tub desk?
(Anyone have a kid's table or small antique desk you want to get rid of?)
We learned about "0" hence the empty basket.
She also practiced writing the  number.
"Put out the Fire" game
Even though she would rather sit and
color or read, she seemed to have fun with this game.
Putting out the fire...
Our story was about Creation. She colored her memory verse page,
and we are making a Creation Book. Day 1: Separating light from dark.
Colors: White & Black
Number:  0
And seriously, does anyone have a kid's table or desk they want to get rid of???


  1. Looks so fun! Nice artwork too. :) I'm following you for ideas, as I'm using ABCJLM for my little ones too. Thanks!


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