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My baby sister, Monica
Today, my parents become empty-nesters. That's right, my baby sister moved to college!

She decided on Friends University and plans to major in criminal justice.

She's cheerleading, as the college doesn't have a dance team.

She's also singing in the choir.

I can't wait to watch her grow over the next few years. (No, I wasn't talking about the freshman 15!)

College was a time of transformation for me, particularly in my faith. And I've already been praying that God will use this time away to deepen my little sis' faith, too. And I know He will be faithful in that.

So, good luck at Friends, Monica! And come visit us anytime...

For the rest of you, what's your favorite college memory?


  1. Mine are not generally for the public. Lol. But the pg ones are always bar hopping, staying out all night, and the wonderful fact that boys could finally stay over. Oooo frat parties!! Oh yeah and there were some classes in there somewhere. ;) oh wait.... I'm damn near 30 n my lifes still like that. I love my life!!

  2. Forming lifelong friendships, the fun, late nights in the dorms with my girlfriends. And the food! I griped about the caf, but not having to cook or worry about meals sure sounds nice now!

  3. I only went one year. Not my cup of tea. I preferred to stay up all night, sleep in and skip classes. Spur of the moment road trip to Canada was fun, though!!!


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