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Our decision to homeschool

A lot of thought and prayer went into our decision to homeschool Gracelyn for preschool. We went back and forth between sending G to preschool twice a week, or finding a curriculum and teaching her at home.

At the start of the decision-making process, I knew I was going to homeschool. I loved the idea of holding on to my girl another year, as well as having a huge say in what she learns. The minimal financial burden of homeschooling was also appealing.

Then, we went through a phase where G was bucking EVERYTHING she was told. And I thought...maybe we need a break from each other...preschool would be a good option. But the more I researched preschool, the more I fell back in love with homeschooling (and the monthly cost-savings!).

So here we are, getting ready to start week two of the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum. Some thoughts: Lesson planning can be time-consuming. I love incorporating songs to memory work. The curriculum we are using is great! Teaching my child is VERY addicting!

Some answers to questions we have received from others: Why? See above :) Will you continue? Maybe next year, but right now, we fully intend to enroll G in public school. What about social interaction? We are involved with our church where G attends Sunday School and Wednesday night class. We also regularly interact with other children. Is it hard? Not particularly. Lesson planning can get involved, as can material prep, but there are a ton of good resources available online, which helps with making school well-rounded.

All that said, I am really looking forward to the year!


  1. I hope you have a great year together!

  2. We are homeschooling Haddie too. Haven't started yet, but looking forward to it soon:)

  3. Glad you made a decision you're both happy with! She looks like she loves it!


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