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A friend of mine posted this LINK on Facebook this morning. For the last three years, August 19th has been recognized as international Day of Hope. August 19th has been set aside as a day to remember the lives of babies and children that could not stay with us--whether through pregnancy, infant or child loss.

So today, I want to honor my little angel. We don't know if you were a boy or girl. We only knew you for a few very short weeks. And yet, you will be forever a part of our family. We love you sweet baby.

If you would like to honor a pregnancy, infant or child loss, please feel free to comment below.


  1. Thinking of our little one in Dec 2010....remembering & never forgetting:)) Amanda R.

  2. Thinking of our sweet baby we only knew of for a week. Everyday I wonder who he/she would have been. October is going to be a hard month to get through. Thank you for pointing this day out. -Tania

  3. Our daugher would be almost 15 now. I was blessed to carry her for 9 months. Even amidst the business of life with 4 living kids, I still , at my core, feel like one is missing. All Children ARE Miracles...thanks for reminding me about today Malinda. Amy Sterk

  4. We do a thing called "the sweetest day" on Oct 18th to remember Darren...it is a family day. It makes us remember good times with the loss.

    -Chris G

  5. Our little one would have been born in late March 2005...you never forget and always wonder.
    Mrs. B.


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