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What a trip

My mom has been cleaning out her closets. She gave me this box. It was filled with cards and other notes. (I'm still not quite sure how they were all in one box!)

There were lots of interesting things in there. Like letters I could have sworn I got rid of years ago...like before I walked down the aisle. There were many cards with cows on them. Somehow I got dubbed "Cow" in high school. I think it happened in honors English. And it might have had something to do with my initials: MO. But, honestly, I really can't remember...

There was a sack filled with creepy "Treasures of the Czars" postcards.

And my favorite thing: A handmade card from my childhood bestie, Michelle. Pretty sure she had a future at Hallmark!

At first, it was simply a treasure hunt for cash...deep down, I was hoping some of that birthday money was still in there. Instead, I pulled out some great memories...yes, even from high school, which I had blocked from my mind because I despised HS at the end.

I was going to simply burn everything after I looked through it. I just don't like "stuff." Now I'm not so sure. I might be turning into a pack rat after all...

Good thing there is a burn ban!


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